Ready to give up

If you seen my other post you may understand... I've called every church every charities that help with Christmas and they all said they can't help because the dead line to sign up was November and they aren't excepting anyone eles.... what do I do now??? I didn't know in November all this would happen... im at a loss you can't explain to 7-1 year olds Santa can't come this year and mommy and daddy couldn't get you anything either... I just don't know what to do anymore.... my heart broken because I know my kids are going to be so disappointed... and they won't be able to understand. They are such good kids I just hate to see them sad... I mean we had tight holidays and birthdays where we were only able to get a toy or 2 and a small cake but never this... we were always able to do something small... and this year... I don't think we are going to even be able to pull that off