Rant !!!!

My husband is killing me! He doesnt help do anytning. He works 3rd shift so of course he sleeps during the day and im ok with that. Sometimes he sleeps more than 12 hours a day when he has to work and I dont even say anything. I wake him up for dinner and thats it. He doesnt even get up to eat. Then he has 3 nights off and he hasnt moved... even though he slept till 530 yestorday and was asleep again by 11... he doesnt move. He has one fractured rib that happen over a week ago and he acts like he cant even get up or move.. our 3 year old doesnt even want anything to do with him because he doesnt spend time with him... when he is awake he just yells at him for doing normal 3 year old things. Im over it. I have done nothing but take care of him since he fractured his rib and I cant deal anymore... im basically a single parent. Im over it. And he is just as lazy without the rib.