Angela • Three kids, #4 is due 8/7/16.
I had my first m/c a few months ago.  I had my first appointment at about 6 weeks, and had my blood drawn.  I had an u/s a few days later and it looked bad so they put me on progesterone (mine was apparently low) and a week later (less than 8 weeks) it was confirmed via a second u/s that I had m/c
So this time I got in and had my blood drawn before I even missed a period.  They thought my progesterone was low and I had a second blood draw at 4w 3d, which confirmed this and I was put on a progesterone prescription.  Today I tried to make an appointment and they won't see me until at least 8 weeks.  I explained the troubles from before and that I thought it was weird that they would see me at 6 weeks for a presumably healthy pregnancy but not till 8 for a riskier one. They wouldn't budge!
This is really stressing me out.  Like I need more holiday stress, ugh.  Thanks for letting me vent :)