First morning urine

Tamar • Just waiting on my bundle of blessings im 34 married for 11 yrs
does not using first morning urine affect your pg test results I took a digi last night and it was negative I'm only 15 dpo but I'm having very noticeable pregnancy symptoms I've never gotten around af time im nauseous all day the kind when you swallow you feel like your going to puke any minute slight cramping but not like I would get during AF and dizzy spells and hot flashes and especially toilet breaks as soon as I go 15 min later I feel as if my bladder is going to burst but once i go it's only small tinkles I'm also very bloated and very constipated I'll be going to the doctor Friday I'm just curious if anyone has experienced this and waited a few weeks  after AF was due and got their positive I'm still waiting on AFim ink getting light cramps and sore boobs