Marijuana while pregnant?

Please, let's not bash one another or put one another down. I just want to hear the opinions of others. I feel as though marijuana is far safer than narcotics, sleep aids, and anti-depressants doctors so quickly prescribe when you're uncomfortable, sad, and/or cannot sleep. I was offered trazadone and it made me extremely sluggish; I couldn't function at all. That, and potential withdrawal symptoms for the baby? No way.. There are no proven studies that link withdrawal to marijuana.. Or defects caused SOLELY by the use of marijuana in pregnancy. 
I've heard many women say it helped them completely. It helped regulate their blood pressure, appetite, discomfort, anxiety and insomnia. Have any of you mommies used marijuana in your pregnancy? How was the outcome? Did you have to deal with CPS, etc? 
Again, do not bash one another. This is a topic left for open discussion. Be polite.