Symptoms before BFP????


So today I am 11 days late for my period with no sign of her showing. I am on cycle day 37. I woke up this morning out of the blue and had a terrible terrible swollen sore throat and headache. I tested 4 days ago which was a week late and it was a negative. I have been feeling random twitches and little cramps unlike Aunt Flo cramp for the last week and a half or so.

Does anyone think that these signs can mean that I'm pregnant and the HCG just hasn't shown up on a test yet?

I am going to test again tomorrow morning and praying for a positive. Has anyone else had the same symptoms and ended up pregnant?

Also has it taken anyone else more than 11 days late and still gotten a positive pregnancy test?

 Thank you so much for your help!

Baby dust to all!