Been so long

Mellissa • 29
Ok so it's been 5 years since I had a baby to feed. I remember most everything. 
My baby is 4 days old. My milk came in full blast last night. I must have sleepy boob milk or something. I can only get her to nurse on one side till its empty and she is out. I mean out. I've tried diaper changes, keeping the lights on, cold wipes cloths to her feet/face....nothing. So I was left relieved on one side and hurting on the other. She latched for maybe 5 min on the other side. Then took it out and refused to open her mouth---she was done. I had to pump to get some relief. And I pumped 2 full ozs from one boob. Is that normal for the first days of milk. 
My boobs also start hurting just holding the baby. This I don't remember from 5 years ago lol
With my first she nursed 30 min on both sides. Pretty much every time. This LO will only do 30 on one side. 
How do I get her to feed both sides so I'm not lopsided lol