Holy crap!!!

Had a growth scan today because I am measuring large for dates and also because I had a big baby before. I am 31 and a half weeks and I am still in shock and scared after my growth scan. My doctor scheduled my induction for 2/3/16 but I found out that I am measuring 35 weeks!!!! My baby is already almost 6lbs and I still have 7 weeks until my induction. I don't have gestational diabetes either!!!!
They said at this rate my daughter will easily be over 10lbs. They said since I had a large baby before they still plan on a vaginal delivery but we will talk more at my next growth scan in 3 weeks.
I am still literally freaking out. I am in so much pain and discomfort already from being so pregnant. I work full time and can't reduce my hours without loosing benefits because it is a government job and they prorate share of cost on benefits if you drop your hours. I have no PTO because of MD appointments and the doc said I can start leave until 1/6/15. By my measurements I would be due 1/13/15 so I basically have to wait until I am the size of a normal mom to get my disability. I don't even eat that much!!! I have only gained 10lbs this pregnancy!!!! 
 I am literally crying right now just thinking about working another 4 weeks full time.