Opinions please....

Tiffany • 32/Happily Married/ 9.5 yrs TTC-miracle baby girl born 6/28/16!! Miracle baby #2 due Feb 2018!
So I'm 7 weeks 5 days and I'm struggling with all day nausea. Last week I was in the ER with cramping and spotting, lasted only a hour but after several miscarriages I needed reassurance. At the ER I was told all is great, they did some bloodwork and I was told the results show a less than 2% chance of a miscarriage... good to know! 
Anyways here's the problem... We are moving in three days to our new home! I'm sick, unmotivated and emotional! We had decided to tell our parents on Christmas but I'm wondering if we should tell them now in order to make this move easier support and help wise! Today it took me all day just to pack the bathroom and hallway closet, yup one box all day!
What would you do? Ruin the Christmas surprise? Or struggle through it?