Crazy In Laws

My husband and I are staying with my in laws until we find somewhere else to stay (looking at 10 more days!) and my father in law kicked my husband out of the house for a night because he walked away during a conversation. The conversation was about how my father in law can come into our room whenever he wants..... -_-

My father in law is power hungry and it makes me not want to have our baby around him a lot once he/she is born. Also, my 13 year old brother in law likes to butt into our personal lives. He asks how much money we have, why I havent been working, and telling my husband (his 20 year old brother) he needs to work and I have to because their mom did till 5 months pregnant. We've told him to knock it off and he won't. Ontop of that, my father in law has a temper tantrum whenever no one takes his BS and actually stand up for themselves/walk away till he cools down.

They're all driving me insane and I can't take it anymore!! I cant stand to be in breathing distance of them! They push everyone away and I'm fed up with their tricks and cons. Am I thinking rash, or is this reasonable?