Not sure if he is all that into me:(

Back in July I met this guy online. We had great phone conversations for two weeks. Both attracted to each other even before meeting. Finally we went on a date( pls don't judge this was a first for me... Stupid I know). At the end of our date things got a bit hot and we ended up having sex in his car. It was amazing. It's been almoat six months now and we are still seeing each other and its usually just sex. He has a crazy work schedule and never asks me on a date. We txt everyday and talk every other day. He is very sweet to me and sex feels more like love making. I am developing strong feelings for himand  don't know how to express them or what to say to him as I don't want to scare him away. All I asked was what we are and he said lovers or friends with benefits. I want more. How do I tell him that? :(