Going to stop trying

It's been over a year of trying for our first baby. 
My husband came home to me uncontrolably crying in our bathroom last night. Not knowing what was wrong, he just held me until I was able to tell him AF showed up. 
I just knew this month was it. We were going to wait until Valentine's Day to announce just to be safe, of course.
In this past year we've had 3 coworkers fall pregnant "accidentally.." Why can't I get pregnant while trying? We're married, excellent relationship, stable income/careers, and we want this more than anything!
After pulling myself together last night we had a long talk. We've decided that we don't want to stress over this anymore. We're going to travel the next few years and enjoy each other. Then if it doesn't happen "accidentally," we'll go on trying again. 
Good luck to the rest of you! May God bless you with a perfect little bundle of joy.