Sorry to bring a downer to the party....

Hey all.

I have been experiencing severe pains since Wednesday. I found out on Thursday I am in the early stages of pregnancy so went to the docs straight away Friday morning, due to my medical history they sent me straight to the emergency gynaey unit and gave me a scan which came back as nothing there ( don't know what they expected to see I am only 4 weeks pregnant tomorrow?) They seemed concerned they couldn't see anything and their urine sample came back negative. They told me I wasn't pregnant and should wait to see the doc, she was fab and told me it was just too early to see anything (which i thought) and that the test they had wouldn't have been as sensitive as mine at home. She said I would be definitely pregnant and to come back in two weeks for another scan. She then phoned me at 10pm to say she needs me in for bloods the next morning to check I'm pregnant. I did another urine test at home and it was much darker than before so I started to feel better however I have woken this evening in a dreadful mood convinced I am going to have a chemical/miscarry, I just can't get the thought out of my head. These pains are dreadful!!! I have not bled yet so that's a positive sign however I feel like I'm waiting for it to happen . This probably all sounds silly but I just have a bad feeling :( I can hardly move right now. Is that normal?

Sorry for being so negative.... blame the hormones eh!!!