I hate you!

Fuck you for trying to use me for citizenship into the US. Fuck you for charming me with flowers and gifts, lying to me and convincing me that loved me and you were a legal US citizen, BEFORE impregnating me. Fuck you for leaving me for 5 weeks into my pregnancy, doing God knows what with your trampy ass girlfriend of 3 years! Fuck you for forcing me to get an abortion! I hate you with a passion. You are the lowest possible scum of the earth, and the night you got robbed from your car and $3,000.00, I should've never helped your sorry ass! They had a gun to your head, but of course bad people like you are hard to rid of the earth. I care nothing of how harsh this sounds, because nothing can replace the pain I felt those 5 weeks, my 1st pregnancy. Wanting you around, feeling emotional, crying, depressed, and suicidal. Suspecting you were with her... Fuck you! All the karma you deserve is on its way and I hope you get deported immediately!