I want to leave

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My husband has been so short with our 2 boys lately. Every time normal every day things happen (spills, messes, our 2yr old cries, our 4yr old breaks the rules, etc) he gets sooo mad and starts cussing. I swear I hear "god damn it I'm sick of this stupid ass shit!" Like 10 times a day. I've been trying to keep my cool with him but tonight I lost it. We were on our way home from his brothers house it was 2 hours past the kids bed time. Our 2yr old was crying cuz he's tired and had to get in his seat. He said his go to line and then I blew up. I couldn't handle it anymore.

Me- you act like these kids are such a burden on your life

Him- they are. I told you I don't want any more kids I can only handle one

BTW I'm pregnant with our 3rd due in 3 months

Me- then maybe you shouldn't be a fucking dad anymore (yes I know I shouldn't have said it)

Him- fine I won't I don't fucking care

We haven't spoken since. I'd rather sleep on the grass then next to him right now. Idk how to talk to him about this. I'm so hurt. He laid down with me and had unprotected sex with me all 3 times I got pregnant. I never forced this with our 2nd and 3rd I didn't even ask for a baby. I just ended up pregnant. Our 1st was the only one we actually tried for. I feel like he's blaming me. It's killing me. He acts like I'm not even pregnant. He doesn't feel the baby move or anything. He ignores this baby. He didn't with the other 2 he was involved. He would always say how much he loved them and loved my belly etc. I need advise. Please help me. I love him so much and our babies I want us to all be together but it doesn't seem to be what he wants anymore