To my January Ladies

Julie • Just had baby #1 on Oct 2, 2016. ms. Luna Bea is the cutest and sweetest part of my life now. Daddy and I love her to bits.

I know women can get pregnant the first month of trying or not even trying. My best friend is 7.5 months pregnant with her unplanned, but much loved and now highly anticipated daughter, Leona. I had hoped I'd get lucky on the first try, but it looks like AF is making her sneaky, early appearance.

As much as I am frustrated with no first timer's luck, I'm almost just as excited to give it another try. AF means the beginning of a new cycle and another chance. So the pile of pregnancy tests in my cabinet and the hopes of making a Christmas announcement are just going to have to turn into hope for a new year's blessing.

Here's to all the next month hopefuls!! 2016 is OUR year.