First meltdown

Tiana • Happily married💍 Mommy to a cub 🦁
So my MIL is having a dinner tonight & told me to be ready around 4pm. After my shower I did my usual closet raid to find something to wear... It all went downhill from there. I tried on every pair of pants & jeans I own, nothing fit! Then I tried on two of my fav stretchy dresses & looked like a sack of potatoes. At this point I had exhausted every decent option in my closet so I sat on my bed & cried, & then I called my husband and cried some more. 😂 he couldn't believe I was crying over clothing but he managed to make me feel better. But I'm still not going upstairs for dinner as I'm sure no one wants to see me in pajamas or workout clothes!
        Nothing Fits!