BFP few days after period??

Last month started period 11/11 began 50mg clomid cycle days 5-9. Trigger shot on evening of 11/26 and <a href="">IUI</a> on 11/28 and started progesterone two days later. I tested a few days after <a href="">IUI</a> and watched the trigger shot fade out the false positive. Took a test probably like 11-12dpiui and it was internet cheapies they were negative. But had gotten positive on the ones from trigger shot so they did work. Never tested again. 12/11 I had red/pink spotting when I wiped before bed. Nothing until 12/12 evening which was my test day which was all just spotting. Stopped progesterone. I never tested because I figured I was starting because the previous nights spotting. Sunday and Monday was heavy period. Then it just kinda stopped and I had like brown stuff Tuesday.  Friday 12/18 I had red little clots when I wiped this was cycle day 7 and I had started 100mg clomid two days before that. I figured I was spotting because the clomid. Rmailed RE Saturday morning was still more brown spotting she said the brown is old blood and to take a test to be safe. Figured the test would be negative because I had a period so didn't take it til last night and then it ended up being positive and now we are here. Didn't take my 4th day clomid last night and nurse told me to get back on my progesterone. I Tsken 3 tests so far and they are all positive but faint positives. What is going on?!