Family rant

So my sister and I got into a fight via text the other day (she is 23 I am 20) and even tho the fight had nothing to do with my pregnancy, that's what she turned it into. Yes, I will admit she had the right to be mad at me, but given she's the older one was it really fair of her to come at me the way she did? Like she literally started yelling at me bout how "she's the daughter that made it and graduated" and I'm the one "who got knocked up snd causes the family all the stress that they have everything is my fault". Sorry you still live at home and I moved in with my husband as if that's some sort of problem. And remember people I'm 20, I'm still in school and couldn't have graduated by now even if I wanted to (oh and she took 5 years to graduate... just saying)

I just have no idea what to do. We used to be super close, like best friend close, and the last 2 years we've been drifting apart and now this. My mom wants me to apologize just to salvage the situation, but I don't think I should, and probably won't. Talk about awkward holidays