Heavy bleeding 5 weeks PP?

Emily • Working mom with loving SO and amazing 5 year old brat...I mean boy. Life isn't easy, but nothing worth it ever is.
This might be TMI and graphic but I'm scared and want to know if anyone else wentbthrough this. I'm 5 weeks pp, I stopped bleeding at 3 weeks and since I had no years or stitches it anything we had sex at 4 weeks. The earliest appointment for doctor was seven weeks out and we didn't want to wait that long. Everything was fine then suddenly 24 hours later I have this huge gush of blood come out and  fill a pad in half an hour. Then a clot the size of an egg comes out and it all slows down. It's all bright red blood and slowed and picked up all week now, with medium to large clouts. Today twice I've has to change because of huge rushes of blood. The last one left a puddle in the kitchen and a trail to the bathroom. I talked to my doctors nursing staff the day after this started and she said it's normal they don't worry until after 6 weeks but it doesn't feel normal. My first pregnancy wasn't like this at all, I'm scared.