Things my mother never said.

1. Tampons, pads, menstrual cups, even rags are all options.
2. What's preferred by me may not work for you. 
3. Sometimes, condoms make you itch-that's usually an allergy. 
4. Condoms expire, crack, and disintegrate. 
5. Ph balance isn't just for chemistry. 
6. How to wash/not wash properly. 
7. All boys are made different. 
8. All girls are made different.
10. That creamy stuff inbetween periods is usually due to your "self cleaning oven"
11. What a self cleaning oven means. 
12. The differences between ovulation and pms.
13. Midol is a God sent thing, all jokes aside. 
14. Tampons and pads vary in size and there for comfort. 
15. They make panty liners for #10. 
16. Eventually you will live with a man and it will suck trying to be discreet.
17. It's better to carry, than not to carry. 
18. Sex is... 
19. Love is... 
20. The two above vary from person to person and by age.
Did I miss any? Is there anything you wish your mom or even dad told you??