Relationship advice

So this boy and I started talking 3 ish years ago, just talking though we didn't date. Then we lost touch and didn't talk for a good 2 years. Those 2 years go by, and out of no where he texts me and we start talking again as if nothing happened. We were back to where we were 2 years ago. we dated for a good two months, we were genuinely happy people, We saw eachother a few times a week but we both decided that we were too busy with him working and starting a small business and me going to college and working, it would just be too hard to start a relationship. (Well he decided, but I agreed because it was a bit difficult. I asked him if there was a possibility of us getting back together. And He said and I quote "of course. I mean after 2 years of not talking one bit, something sparked up. So of course there is a chance of us getting back together.") 
2 months passed and we started talking again, and I went over to his house and we ended up having sex. We had sex when we dated as well. 
But I'm wondering do you think he genuinely likes and care for me, or does it just sound like he wants a sex buddy? I mean I genuinely care for his boy and honestly after 2 years of not talking what are the odds of something sparking back up again.
So I really like this boy and don't know what to do. Should I continue to keep my hopes up, or should I just move on for now? 
I am 18 and he is 21.