So mad!

I was scheduled to be induced this morning at 6am and was told the hospital would call me at 5am to confirm. I asked several times to be sure she meant they would call me and not the other way around bc I was the one that called with my first. I barely slept last night due to nerves and was up completely by 4am so I fixed my hair and sat around chatting with my mom since she's here to take over with my toddler once we go in. 5am comes...and goes. No call. I give them 20 mins (I know they can be busy) and call them and they tell me they have ALREADY spoken to my dr bc they can't get me in this morning and that they'll call me this evening between 4-7pm. Wth? They were just gonna let me show up at 6am I guess and not even call to tell me not to??? Now I can't sleep and I'm pissed off and I should be getting induced as I type this but I'm not. Now I have to be away from my son for TWO nights at least and I did NOT want that. I was hoping I would have a baby by tonight, now this day is gonna drag forever and I doubt they'll even call me. I'll probably end up calling them at 7 and watch them say "tomorrow morning we will call". I'm so pissed. I just want to have this baby already and be home with my son..