SUPER Creepy


My husband and I went to a bagel place to pick up some breakfast yesterday. We had our dog with us so he waited outside with her while I went in to order.

When I was in line, this older man came up and got all up in my person space, rubbing my arm a lot and saying how lovely I looked. I'm all for compliments, don't get me wrong, but he was way too close and way too touchy! I felt SUPER uncomfortable.

I walked out after I ordered to tell my husband about it, and he looked over my shoulder and saw the same man holding up his phone, taking pictures or video of me! Ack! He got so upset and had me get in the car while he went inside.

When he came out, he said the man didn't put his phone down until my husband was standing right in front of him.

Why are some people such creepers! Has anyone else encountered anything like this? I know some people are really into pregnant girls... shudder.