Funny story.

My SO is a sore loser! And I mean it! When I first started dating him I was the girly girl who acts like she doesn't know how to hold the controller but we all do that to flirt a little...right ? We are now 2 years in and I started beating him in scrabble, mortal kombat, 2k, basically anything competitive. So he started to get mad and curse or quit the game before i could finish beating him. So I started to let him win. I stopped blocking his words. I started playing smaller words and stopped using combos on him lol. He rubs it in and all but it makes me happy to see He's happy. Today I finally told him I let him win because he was gloating about beating our 5 year old (his son from a previous but he's basically mine lol) in scrabble. 😂😂😩😩 I know right.. He's mad at me. And says he would have more respect if I give it my all.  When I do I win he's sad and throws a fit. So right now he's only communicating through text since he's not talking to me. Lol