All different

Michaela • Breast feeding mommy to a beautiful little girl ! Kinslee Marie ❤️
All babies are def different. My munchkin is 6 months old on January 9, sits up by herself, stands holding on to tables for short periods of time, eats puffs, stage two baby foods, and holds her own bottle when she wants, but what she doesn't do is roll over. She will not roll, not belly to back or back to belly. Nothing! Which is good but at night you can tell she wants to be a restless sleeper. She tosses her head back and forth and go as far as being half way on her side before she gives up. She also doesn't even try going into a crawling position. When she is on her belly, she lifts her head up with her arms and then screams cause she hates it ! Lol just goes to show every baby is different :)