Freaked out


I had the worst freak out last night. I was watching tv and realized I couldn't remember the last time my baby moved (36 weeks, she's normally extremely active in the evenings)

So I get a cold sugary drink, turn to my left side to do kick counts: Nothing at all. I push against her back: Nothing, I go to where she normally puts her feet and put some pressure that would normally elicit some movement: Nothing, I even got my hubby to rub my back because that normally makes her move and still nothing.

I was in full blown panic mode. Headed out the door to buy a doppler (buy buy baby is across the street) then going to hospital while calling the doctor. As soon as the voicemail gives me the option of paging the doc she gives a kick.

The rest of the night she had lighter than normal kicks, but they were consistent. Today they are much stronger

Guess she just felt like starting those gray hairs early... ftm panic...