Jasmine • Mummy to boys Zhane 7, kassius 5 and step mummy to Layla 8 xxx
Hi found out I was pregnant on Xmas day.. Me and my partner had been trying for 17months. This is not my first pregnancy. I miscarried at 6 weeks in 2007, then went in to have 2 baby boys Zhane 2008 and kassius in 2010 with my ex partner. 
I have been with my current partner for 3 years.. And we fell pregnant in August this year, then I miscarried on 15/09. We have been trying ever since and got a BFP on Xmas day! For the past couple of weeks I have felt unwell, up to when I took the test. The same for the past few days, until today. Where I just feel shattered and nothing else. I've had no spotting, sickness, boobs have stopped hurting. My mood has been vile and I've barely spoken to my partner in 3 days . I'm scared I am no longer pregnant. Does this sound silly??