Rant & Vent from a SURVIVOR

Mari Ann
Usually, I can let things go that get under my skin here..but when people are posting about rape, and how it's not real or women are taking it too seriously, I loose. My. Shit. I was raped by my ex boyfriend when I was 17. My best friend and I were at his house swimming & I told him I needed to shower before we left. He came into the bathroom while I was showering, locked the door, pulled me out of the shower & threw me on the floor. He put his hands around my neck and told me I "deserved" this for not "putting out" when we were dating. He told me if I made one noise he would choke me to death. He raped me until I bled. I then got dressed and we left. I told absolutely no one. I got a pregnancy test & STD tests done, and after both came back negative, I pushed the whole thing to the back of my brain. I didn't tell anyone for 5 years. I was so ashamed & embarrassed. So, let me tell you, if any person takes advantage of your body, in any way, it's rape. It's assault. It's illegal. It's wrong. And it is so fucking serious. Tell someone, anyone. Don't keep it inside. Tell the police, tell your BFF, just make sure someone knows. To this day, I still have issues regarding sex and trust. It is one of the worst things I have ever had to endure, & I will never stop telling women and men to SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT. 
Okay, stepping off soap box.