Rant about transgenderism and Rachel Dolezal

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Ok so I just have to say something. First of all I have NOTHING against transgender people, it's their life and I support anything they want to do to be happy. But my problem is, is that Rachel Dolezal had similar feelings as transgender people (she felt like her inside didn't match her outside) and yet she was ostracized by the media and by minority groups for feeling this way and she received a lot of hate...people also said she had a "mental disorder" for feeling this way. I just honestly don't see how the two are different. Most people are tolerant of transgendered so I feel they should be tolerant of people like Rachel Dolezal also. It also made me draw comparisons to the women who was on Dr. Phil who said that she felt like she was always meant to be blind so she purposely blinded herself...yet people are saying she has a mental disorder too. I honestly don't see the difference between any of these, like am I missing something here??
Edit: someone said that Rachel Dolezal chose to be a black person and a transgender person does not choose. How does that make any sense? I agree that transgender people don't choose but how can you say that Rachel did choose to be black. Perhaps she has felt black since she was a little girl, just as a transgender person might. Idk how people can support transgender a but not people like Rachel Dolezal.