Help! Has anyone had anything similar?

I've had my IUD (Mirena) in since June last year (so 7 months) and I hadn't had any problems with it until about a month ago when I was getting cramps so bad I couldn't walk, I was throwing up everything I ate, I couldn't have sex because it was too painful and I was just really unwell. When I went to the doctor they just said it was my IUD and sent me home with painkillers (which didn't do anything 😑).  It ended up going away after about 2 weeks but now I keep getting cramps in my lower pelvis that radiate down my legs and into my back, they've been coming on once every 2 hours or so and last about an hour then go away again, pain killers don't get rid of them and all I can do is lie down :( I went back to the doctor and he tested my hormones and they all came back normal and he just sent me home with more painkillers. I can't see a gyno without a referral which my gp said I wouldn't need! I'm not sure what to do cause I'm at my wits end with it all but none of the GPs at the clinic I go to will do anything! Last night I started bleeding for the first time since I got it inserted also! I'm hoping it'll go away soon but just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and what you did to make it easier! Thank you xx