Long story about my ex's egg donor (lol)

Jamie • step son born 7/5/13, baby girl born 6/29/16, baby boy born 4/5/18

When I first met my boyfriend, we never spoke about his child's mother. At first we were too engaged with our selves. We were both working and dealing with car issues, juggling time for us and his son.

When he finally told me about her, I instantly hated her. How could you throw a six month old baby any distance out of frustration?? I was pissed and made sure he knew how I'd be towards her.

Fast forward a few months and I all but adopted this beautiful little boy. Not once in the five months had she contacted. As soon as we officially announced that we were together, she was messaging him all the time asking about our son.

Of course, I stayed out of it with respect for him... Until she messaged me with a very passive aggressive message, for lack of a better term. In it she said, "Want to thank you for being there for my son. Btw you and Justin make a cute couple." Seems innocent at first glance but..... "MY" son..... Excuse me? You threw "YOUR" son when he was a baby and didn't keep in contact since I've been around until it was posted for the world to see.

I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to respond right back. I was too emotional. I spoke with my boyfriend about it for a few days, maybe a week. He had no issue with me responding, didn't even really comment on how I should respond, only that she was most likely doing it because she felt threatened.

I'm not an idiot by any means. I know that she is biologically his... But ever since that baby boy smiled at me and started calling me momma, I swore I'd never let that woman hurt him again. I know she'll be in his life, of that I have no control over, note would I try to keep her from him even if I could. But she needed to know that I am his momma, he is my son. The way I put it in my long message to her was, "let's just say he's lucky enough to have two mom's".

To wrap that part up, she claimed that my boyfriend had put her in a domestic abuse shelter, to which he laughed hysterically at and called her out on speaker phone for. She admitted fault and jealousy. Her and I exchanged numbers and I often sent pictures to her and kept her updated on how our child was doing.

A few months following this, I became pregnant. I waited until this past Christmas to announce on social media.

Now, a few days ago she added me and him on Facebook from a new profile she made... But as I scrolled through my feed I noticed she had a post, I clicked on it... Well, she blocked me. Out of curiosity, I checked from his Facebook account and she blocked him l, too.

It's just sad that women like her exist. The fact that she could have killed my poor baby but she got a second chance. She could have very well have been blocked from his life multiple times but keeps getting chance.... How do I handle it if she tries to come back into his life again? Do I just dismiss all of this and let her? Or do I rip her a new asshole like these damn hormones want me to? Lol

Sorry this is long but it's hard to keep something so sour sweet and short.