Non drinkers 🍺🚫

Anna β€’ Small town girl, loving life
So me and my husband don't drink at all... Nor smoke anything... I've never drank a thing or smoked a thing in my entire life and I'm 22.. My husband used to drink every now in then before we started dating (5 years ago) and we always get so much shit when we go to party's from people who don't know us or ain't close friends to us... It pisses me off.. It's just a choice that we make and that's that.. I really get a lot said about me since I've never done it before people saying I'm chicken and scared or weird. And I get that it ain't no fun if we don't.. That's bulshit I can go to a party and have just as much fun not drinking and still be able to wake up the next morning and remember it all... They all wanna be our friends when it's time to drive home tho! Are we alone?? Is there anyone else out there like us? Or really like me? Never drank or never smoked?