Doctor Advice

Can anyone give me advice pertaining to how doctors should be doing things? I have only had one ultrasound and I was 6 weeks pregnant. I see a lot of women on here posting pictures of themselves at 12 weeks with their ultrasound etc. I have had the one ultrasound at 6 weeks and I am now 13 weeks and my doctor said I wouldn't have another ultrasound until 20 weeks (which is when I find out the gender). But I feel as if 1. Waiting until 20 weeks is old school, I know my insurance will cover an earlier ultrasound 2. I feel as if (although I am still early in my pregnancy) I should be more informed on the development of my child as well as more involved with my doctor. I've only seen her once....can anyone tell me if this is normal? I feel as if everyone else on here goes to their doctor more frequently and if more informed than me. I am going to talk to her about this and ask her opinion if I should pursue a more hands on doctor. I just feel like I don't feel fulfilled with her.