STD/STI Testing

** please do not lecture me about how I am too young to be having sex. I am taking the precautions to be safe in the future and I have been abstinent for 6 months because I have realized I am not mature enough to be having sex ** 
Sorry this might be a little long. Thank you for anyone who reads it all!
I'm 16. I was in a not so great relationship from a very very young age and I lost my virginity at 14 (let's just say it wasn't very consensual).  That's not the issue. In October of 2014 I went to the doctor and she tested me for any STD's/STI's-- came back clean. The last time I had sex with my one and only sexual partner was 6 months ago and it was unprotected. Not pregnant thankfully (and yes I know it's stupid but I'm out of the relationship and haven't engaged in sexual activity since). 
Anyway, he got tested a week after we had sex and came back clean. I'm going to obgyn to get put on birth control cause my periods are so freakin heavy and full of cramps and long! My dad & stepmom know my sexual history but my mom does not. She is taking me. Should I ask to have her leave the room to get tested and make up some reason if she asks why I didn't want her in the room ? Or should I leave it alone and just get the birth control. I know it is probably to better be safe than sorry. 
* I know women do not always show symptoms for STDs & STIs. 
Thank you for anyone who reads this I appreciate it'