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Okay. I have attached my last two months on here for you all to look at. I went off of my BC the day after my period on 12/17. So technically my last day of taking them regularly was the 13th of December. We had sex a few days the week after. I know one day was 12/21 but there was another and I'm unsure of which day it was. There is a great possibility that I could have been ovulating around that time (I ovulate early and glow is never right). I thought I started my period on 1/1. But it was super light and there was only 2 days of light bleeding (it was so light I only had to use a panty liner). The cramps weren't as bad as usual either. Anyways. That would mean it's been about 3 weeks since we had sex that week. Here lately I have had positive ovulation tests for DAYS. My boobs are so sore. My cramps are horrible. I am dizzy A LOT. And we went to eat at my favorite restaurant last night and when they brought me the food I made my husband move it away from me because the smell made me so sick. I have taken multiple HPT's. One this morning even, and they are all negative. But I know something isn't right. Has this happened to anyone before? I seriously think I'm pregnant.