Separated 😭

So my boyfriend and I got into a heated argument and the cops ended up coming because I threw something out a window in our apartment and he has to leave but we aren't broken up. We have been really on edge lately because the living conditions that we were in together weren't very good and we felt sad all the time because we just wanted to get away but couldn't. We plan on moving to California still and to be with each other but it's still pretty far away from that happening. We have to get jobs and save money and all that. Anyways, he went back to his moms house for now and at the moment my mom thinks I'm not seeing him and doesn't want me to get back together and she if I did get back with him she would cut herself out of my life because she doesn't like him because we got a little aggressive with one another last night and she thinks he's abusive but he's most definitely not. I promise this. He's a big sweetheart and just drank a little and got very upset and angry over what's going on. So right now he is living 45 minutes away from me and there's no way for me to see him because we don't have cars and no one will drive us anywhere. I have a job right now and I'm working on getting money and he's working on getting a job so he can save money. We are both very sure that we are meant to be with one another. We have been in a relationship for a year and 3 months so far. He's literally my world and I'm having the worst time coping because I went from seeing him 24/7 to not at all because he lived with me. Things are so hard right now and I'm trying to build up all my strength to get through this with him..