Do you use handicap bathroom stalls?

Okay... Small rant. I am at target today with my 9 month old and TMI: I have to poop like no ones business. So I pay for my things and I go to the bathroom carrying my daughter in her car seat. Her car seat doesn't fit in any of the stalls besides the one specified for those with a handicap. I feel like I would qualify to use that stall because I can't just leave my child unattended while I go to the bathroom. Anyways, I get in there and there is a woman in there. I patiently wait over ten minutes. No problem, I assume it's someone with a handicap that needs extra time. Well she finishes up and she's probably in her 50's but looks completely able to use a regular stall, like the 10 other ones that are open. Yet she chose the handicap stall. I feel like that's rude because if someone actually needs the extra space, they have to wait because you just felt like taking the biggest stall. 
So for the poll... Do you agree with me? Or do you think it's fine to make people wait that actually need to use that stall? 

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