Anna • I'm 28 and have two boys, 7 and 9, and this will be my third baby. The husband and I have been trying for the better part of four years for another baby, and definitely hoping for a girl this time.

Ok, so, I've been taking the ones on the left, the Your life Multi, since I found out I was pregnant, I'm 9w5d now. I noticed they made my nausea worse, and the awful tasting burps and upset tummies were terrible. So I started taking the ones on the right, the First Response, and they are amazing! No more nausea worsened by pills, no more upset tummy, nasty tasting burps, and the best part, sooooo much energy!! I have been so lacking of energy, dealing with constant fatigue for two months now. But these things make me want to actually get up and do things! Highly recommend!!!!! Seriously!! Especially if you're dealing with not wanting to move at all haha!

That is all, thanks for reading!