People and their opinions..

Why do many of you ladies have to be so damn messy. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. If someone prefers high end materials then that's them. If they can afford it, let them. How the hell does it affect you? If I could afford everything high end believe me I would spoil myself not only can I not, but I choose not to on what I could because at the end that's just not me. That doesn't mean I go bash them for wanting something different than me. At the end of the day, money is what we work for or our husbands work for, to spend it on shit we want not what YOU messies want. You all make me laugh at your thought that your opinion matters. Swear yall just trying to be ugly. A pretty face isn't shit if your attitude sucks. High five to the nice ladies that do not hate on others and their taste. I know some things on the controversy corner group can cause for your opinions to be upfront but if someone just uploads something they like or whatever, why can't we all be nice and maybe give them more encouragement. How do you know someone isn't going thru a tough time and just so happens a gift of whatever kind is something that made their day better? Don't tell me you have never been thru a difficult time. We all deserve a little spoiling every now and again or shit all the time if that's your lifestyle. Maybe you don't deserve a gift or just don't care for one but don't go raining on another parade just because your life sucks. I have personally never seen bullying this bad even back in school. sad that we are old enough to know better and can't act like we have some sense.

Rant over.