Told my mother and it was a waste of time

I'm extremely annoyed I waited 11 weeks to even mention to my mother or any kind of family that I'm having a baby everything went fine for 24 hours and the next day she goes to me oh so you can trust me with your baby right I said I didn't want to talk about it she took everything the wrong way so I decide to be honest with her she hasn't been in my life for the past two years she chooses other people over her own child so how can I trust my child to be alone with her. I said to her I love her very much but we need to build our relationship and we need to work on becoming a family she just got upset and made it all about herself like usual kept telling me I'm doing wrong I don't know what I'm doing and it's going to hurt my child. I don't need somebody sitting there telling me what's going to hurt my child I don't need anybody telling me anything negative towards my child. My child will not be hurt if the grandmother is not in my child's life because my mother has not been in my life for the past two years all she does is cause me problems and tell me how I did nothing but hurt her. So therefore she doesn't need to be in my child's life! This woman is crazy if she thinks she will make a difference to my child, I rather not have her in my child's life at all because I don't need my child to grow up and sit there and say to grandma where you were a horrible mother to my mom. I don't need to let my child feel the hurt tht I've lived with. Another thing is my mother cannot seem to obey by my rules as how I don't want people putting pictures of my child online&how I don't want them going around telling everybody I'm having a child. That's my choice, ppl are crazy I don't want anyone wishing bad upon me or my child or talking bad about my child. I wish I never told her at all I don't need ppl having my child in there mind thinking crazy shit ! I can't have tht. I'm not going to have everyone there when I give birth, I'm not allowing just anyone to have a picture I'm not allowing just anyone to pass around my newborn! Doesn't anyone have fucking sense or respect for my wishes!  This is why I did not want anyone to know! This is why iam moving this is why I cut people out of my life. If they can't wait till my baby gets shots first before trying to travel and pass around my baby they don't need to be around . I want grown adults around not grown ppl who act like children