Finally got pregnant after trying for 2 years now the dad don't want anything to do.

So basically me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 2 years after 3 miscarriages now I'm finally pregnant he's treating me so bad! He's putting his needs before mine (he wanted to buy a parking bay for his car instead of buying me something to eat where as I had no money and I was starving) he's just being so selfish and he's activated his Facebook again (we both deleted it because people were getting between us) so I think he might be speaking to his exs AGAIN so I finally snapped at him and we broke up now he's ignoring my calls and saying he wants nothing to do with the baby or me and he also thinks the baby isn't his (which it is I've not been with another man and he knows it) I suffer mental health problems so I find it hard to cope on my own I really thought I was going to get his support but now I'm left on my own I'm so upset and I have no idea what to do :(