Need someone who's went through this!

Okay so I was pregnant. Haven't had a OBGYN appointment. But signs,tests,everything. I knew I was pregnant. And they set my appointment based on when I'd most likely be 8 weeks pregnant. 
The app I downloaded said today I'm 7 weeks. 
Anyway. Friday I started bleeding around 2. Just light spotting. Then it got worse while I was at Tokyo for a birthday party. So I then went to the hospital. The blood test came back as a faint positive. Urine test(very positive). They didn't see anything in the ultrasound. So they said I could have either misscaried or I'm in early pregnancy. They said I need to go to my OBGYN in about a week to see if my levels have went up. If they did I'm pregnant. If not,I lost the baby. 
Can someone please (WHOS HAD THIS HAPPEN OR IS A DOCTOR) help me? They said it was normal for me to bleed like it was a period. So that's why they also think of early pregnancy. Anyone who's had this please tell me of what you think it might be. I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins bc they told me to. I'm just hoping for the best 😭❤️