I am a horrible mom!!!

Sometimes I go to bed feeling like a horrible mother. Here I am wanting 5 kids yet I feel like I suck at being a mom to the one that I have. He is older now without any siblings at the moment. 
But it is very obvious that my husband is the nurturer and I am the disciplinary. I HATE that!!! I just feel like my husband never disciplines our son so I always have too! I alway have to set the rules. I am the one always saying no. I hate it. I of course love my son with all my heart and show him affection and love... Just not as frequent as my husband does. My son runs to my husband for cuddles, and to be tucked in. Not me. Don't get me wrong, him and I cuddle every once in a while, but he cuddles more with daddy. I feel like he connects with his dad more. 
I truly feel like an awful parent.  
** in response to comments*** 
I have spoken to my husband about it. My husband feels I am too harsh. That I have too many rules. But I feel like my husband spoils him rotten! Then my son thinks he can get whatever he wants and I have to be the one who puts my foot down. Ugh. Parenting is tough.