I can't decide what to do!


Friday morning, the 8th, after being a week late..I decided to test. Two lines! I could hardly contain myself. Thankfully, I had to get to work but of course it's all I've been able to think about. My calculated due date is September 7th which makes me almost 6 weeks along.

I haven't told my husband, or anyone, yet. We've been trying and my husband is going to be ecstatic that I know he won't be able to keep his big mouth shut for long. I don't want to tell our family and friends for awhile so I am kind of wanting to wait to tell my husband as well.

I've been having a special way to tell him planned since we started trying and I definitely want to stick with that. I was thinking Valentine's Day would be perfect but that's 5 weeks away! Can I make it?! I really want to and I'm pretty sure I can keep him from becoming suspicious since I hadn't told him that I was late just in case but...it seems like such a long time to not be able to talk about it!