Im getting freaked out please help

Want2BAmommy • Ttc 10 years actively trying ....trying to never give up hope. Its so hard
Ive been googling i know iknow its not always right but i could not help my self im obsessed with ttc... I just could not find an answer maybe some one could help me ..heres my story ok so i had a normal period 2 or 3 days late but it was normal but then it ended 2 days early it lasted 4 days the last day was wed thurs nothing friday n etc i went to a party and every one thought i was preg so i took a test first response i forgot all about it and it was positive faint but positive the next morning. Ok yesterday (sat) i took another forgot again came back and positive faint again so today after working all day a lady at work asked if i was preggo (here we go again) i figured i must be every onekeeps asking so i took another and within min i saw a visible vvfl but i could actually see it with out holding it to light i just want to know how can this be if i had normal bleeding af 4 days ago even though it lasted 4 days and is usually 6-7 could this be possible???? ive had 2 mc and havent been preg since 2009 this would b my first... is this a mc or eptopic???  i just want to read about a similar story like mine with success please help ....ttc 6 year and want to be a mommy