Step mothers

I am a step mother. I love my step son as my own but I can't express it that way because it is not my place. I would give my life for a boy that I've known since he was months old to two years old. I've held him while he cried, snuck him candy or a sip of Coke even if daddy said "no" because he gave me those darn cute puppy eyes. I deleted all of my shows so he has an abundance of Paw Patrol, Seasame Street, etc to watch when it's rainy and we can't go play. I wash his clothes and make his lunch, I kiss his bobo's and wrap it in a bandage. I am the cuddler when daddy is at work until 3 and we just ate lunch and you're feeling snuggly. I can't just say no get away from me. I can't explain to a toddler that I can't love him like daddy does because I'm not his real parent. I became a step mother at 18 years old and it takes a strong person to not only accept another woman's/man's child, but to love unconditionally when they didn't have to. I chose being a bonus mom when I could have been out partying and acting my age but I saw a blue eyed boy with his daddy's smile one day and I couldn't say no. Not all step mothers are bad. Not all are good but not all are bad.