Dating at 13

I'm 13 in 7th grade. We date. You can get over it and if you don't like it please don't bother to respond but yes we date. We kiss. I like this kid named ginious. He is African American and goes to my school and is in the same grade. He always has a smile on his face and hey what can I say it's hot and his personality is amazing he sits next to the special needs kid in class and makes him laugh and is the nicest guy ever, my parents though don't know that I find I treat in guys yet and they would not except me dating him because he is black. Yes I know it is the 21st century but I'm 13 and my my dad gets to do whatever he wants. And any idea how to tell my mom that I'm dating somebody the. Maybe I can tell her that he is black. And how do I get his numbršŸ˜thank you babes