Im scared

my Husband and i been fighting a lot lately its not a normal fight , there pushing and hitting 😔 from both our ends ! Mostly from mines , i know its wrong but he shouldent hit me ? Im 6 weeks prego , he never trustes me he gets me mad over nothing ! He even tells me his not sure the babys his and we live togther i dont even leave the god dam house ! His always telling me his going to leave me and go live with his mom and leave me all alone that makes me mad ! I feel like he dosent care ! The first day i found i was expecting he told me i couldent have it then came back saying he was just joking ! And its everyday today it got worst he true me accross the room and hit me ! I almost broke my neck when it hit the sofa ! I cant handle lossing my baby over him ! I feel like i can lose it if i just keep up with this ! I need help advice please ! Im only 19 , i cant tell my dad im scared my dad will do something bad 😭 im scared