Am I overreacting?

Kristina • Getting married on 6/20/16
Okay, today has not been a very good day for my SO. He's just in a bad mood. But sometimes when this happens he shows a couple emotional abuse signs. Like criticizing my behaviour, getting upset when I dont do things just the way he wants them done, little things like that. Well, tonight he asked me to watch his character in a video game called Ark while he napped. Idk basically anything about the game, he knows pretty much everything. At one point his character became dehydrated and I woke him up. He said not to worry about it since he was in his house. So I left it. A few minutes went by and his character started dying. I didnt bother him with it because I thought it would be fine since he was in his house. So when I woke him up, he got pissed that I didnt tell him his character was dying. He didn't quite yell but he had his voice louder than normal. Then he started talking to his friend that was playing the game with him. He asked his friend if he grabbed his stuff and his friend had it. He said to his friend "Okay thank you". Then he gave me this look...that made it look like he hated me. I'm so hurt right now...Idk maybe its the PMS....what do you think?